"A true leader puts himself before others, works harder than the rest, and is respected because he is respectful."


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Among countless other things, the life of Taylor Burgstahler represents the true strength of unselfish behavior. From his birth in February of 1988 to his tragic death in July of 2005, Taylor's concern for others was a cornerstone of his personality. His family, friends, teammates and teachers all marveled at the depths of his compassion. 

Taylor's passion for athletics was just as strong, and it only seemed natural that he would donate his time to coach a youth basketball program at the Boys and Girls Club of Scottsdale, AZ.
By encouraging unselfishness in others and supporting child athletes, The Taylor Fund exists to do justice to everything Taylor Burgstahler stands for, to continue his legacy of making the world a better place to play.
In partnership with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the YMCA, 100 underprivileged kids will attend professionally organized and operated basketball camps throughout the country. Each child will receive a custom package stuffed with basketball gear and goodies.

You can help children affected by countless crises around the nation each year by making a financial gift to The Taylor Fund, which will allow several children to fulfill a once unattainable dream. The opportunity to be coached by experienced people that have played at the college, and in some instances the professional level . These funds will provide airfare, lodging, supplies and support to help those special children in need. 


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